Friday, October 10, 2008

Guess what we did today...

Senator McCain spoke in Lakeville, Minnesota today, so SJ and I picked Lauren up from work and we headed south! It was fun to go see the people supporting and opposing the Republican ticket. AND we SAW McCain! He waved and smiled at me and SJ (I'm not kidding!) as they drove by in his motorcade! It was VEERRRRRRYYYYYY exciting!

Lakeville South High School, where Senator McCain hosted a town meeting.
Checking out the (very, very nice) protesters.
Baby loves politickin'.
The big Mc was in the third Tahoe back.


Carla said...

Very cool, girls!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Q: "Guess what we did today..."
A: Help ruin America?

erin said...

Hi, Anonymous!
You're a dick.