Saturday, December 06, 2008

Man vs. Wild

[The Scene: Richard turns on Man vs. Wild.]
Erin: Do you want me to leave?
Richard: Do you want me to leave?
E: I hate this guy.
R: I like him. He's the only Brit I've ever liked.
E: You're just saying that so I'll let you watch it.
[Cut to Bear Grylls somersaulting out of a helicopter on to the mountaintop a whopping EIGHT INCHES BELOW.]


Melissa said...

I don't like him either. I've seen him drink his own urine so many times on his show I'm starting to think he likes it. Creepy.

kristi noser said...

Why on earth would he drink his own urine--didn't the cameraman have a bottle of water???
Sometimes no cable is a good thing.

Lis said...

p.s. read today that Bear broke his shoulder in Anartica...poor guy is stuck there due to bad weather...

Jessica said...

OK I dislike him for a number of reasons and you can use these on Richard-
1)His first name Bear.
2)He always has a camera crew with him. If you want to watch someone really survive in the wild watch Survivorman. Here Les Stroud is his own camera man. He is dropped off somewhere in the world and then films for 7 days trying to find his way back to civilization. Much more interesting. Yes Les does have a safey crew about 3 miles or 1 radio call away- thats just being safe.
PS I've been letting my husband control what we watch for WAY too long...