Friday, December 19, 2008

Sam's Club Trip

Me: Oh! I have to get more Tobasco while we're here. We've been out for almost two weeks!
Sasha: Gross. What do you eat Tobasco on?
Me: Um, everything. [quizzical look]
Sasha: [sigh...] You are your father's daughter.


angie said...

hmm i'm interested. please list a few things you use tobasco on. i feel like maybe i've been missing out.

erin said...

Angie, the usual stuff--cereal, ice cream. Anything that needs a little jazzing up.

kristi noser said...

Yum, try the habanero stuff--even better. Not hotter, just better. Yum.

Jessica said...

The chipolte tobasco is our favorite.

Jon said...

mmmm Tabasco on pizza