Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Unpaid Testimonial

I am a sucker for an infomercial.
Especially one about hair removal. (I know, I'm a freak.)
I never allow myself to actually ORDER something from the television as much as I might want to (I don't think I have enough cats to warrant late-night infomercial orders by phone), so imagine my THRILL when the European sensation, SmoothAway: Removes Hair Instantly & Pain Free was at my Walgreen's!
Basically, it's very, very fine grit sand paper that you use to remove unwanted hair while exfoliating your legs!!!

Some facts (ripped straight from the website!):
-The Fastest Selling, Most Popular Women's Product In Europe
-Exfoliates As You Use It
-Works Wonders On Sensitive Areas
-Easy, Safe, & Painless Hair Removal
-Not recommended for head hair or a man's face. (Though, apparently a woman's face is fair game.)

I was so excited about my find that I decided to stay up late and try it.
Turns out, IT WORKS! And, there really was NO PAIN, NO CHEMICALS and NO RAZOR BURN!

Check out my results (click on an image to enlarge)!



kristi noser said...

Wow, what a testimonial! Send those pix into the company and you could be on TV! They are un-retouched, right?

Carla said...

You had me at hello.

carrie said...

seriously...when was the last time you shaved? those looked like man legs! Made for great before and after photos though.

angie said...

hahahaha sick

kathaleend said...

If the hair on your legs is that dark, you must have been dying your hair for years! No wonder you are a sucker for smooth away. Now fess up. Do you feel like you rubbed your legs with sandpaper? Can anyone remember Epilady? I think they used exactly the same commercials.

Naomi said...

Wow, I think the sandpaper "smoothed away" a large section of your calf muscle as well...

LadyD said...

I was thinking what Naomi said- You also lost width! A new weight loss method!

Jodi said...

I didn't think women in Europe bothered with hair removal? Shows what I know...

kristi noser said...

Well at least you got Carrie. You really should be a salesman.
Oceanfront property in Nebraska perhaps?

Jolene said...

dear erin,
today is JANUARY first
not APRIL first.
a. it's not far enough into winter to have legs that look that... fuzzy.

b. no tricks! i gotta know - does it work?? for realsies?? i'm always looking for miracles for my hair issues.

p.s. for my word ver i am typing shilegu. leg. coincidence? i think not.

p.p.s. hilarious post no matter if it's true or not.

kristi noser said...

ok, got jolene too.

Jolene said...

she didn't entirely get me. those are SOOOO richard legs. sorry. but... maybe??? maybe it still kinda worked???? please say yes!

hmm... so after writing that i decided to check out the website. crap. this thing is junk, isn't it.

Kara Jo said...

Erin, I seriously almost ordered one of these last night during my insomnia episode!

Would you recommend it? Seriously? Is it worth 19.95 plus S&H? Wait, don't you get two sets with that order?

Carla said...

Kara Jo,
How can we get Erin to buy us some at her Walgreens??

erin said...

Carla, send Erin a check for $10.00.