Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thoughts at large about writing Christmas cards:

-If your last name starts with W, X, Y or Z, your envelope will be written sloppily.
-If your last name starts with A-P, your envelope will probably be fairly neat.
-A boppy is not an ideal lap desk, but it will work in a pinch.
-It is absolutely impossible to get the perfect Christmas photo of your infant.
-You will inevitably run out of stamps or return-address labels, but probably not both.
-Do what you can to save money on the actual card, because the stamp will cost nearly ten times as much as the card itself, no matter what kind of coupons Walgreens, Shutterfly or Snapfish sends you.
-You will lay awake at night thinking of more people you should've included. Take a notepad to bed.
-My Christmas cards this year are written on yellow post-it notes and will come bearing a scribbled XOXOX and a post card stamp.

Merry Christmas from the Desvousges Family!


kristi noser said...

Thanks for posting the Christmas card on Facebook. When I get my yellow Post-It, I'll still get to see what Shirley looks like.
How long before Facebook has a Christmas card application?

angie said...

erin, i still think you're doing pretty well. i'm considering posting a christmas card on my blog and calling it good. :) kidding ... actually, not really.

(!! my word verification is "hyperpil" !!)

Melissa said...

I'm impressed with your dedication to getting cards mailed. I'm hoping that when people realize they didn't get a card from me they'll think, "Hey, didn't she just have a baby?" and then immediately forgive me.

Cara said...

Yeah, getting a perfect picture of your infant that shows just how cute they really are is nearly impossible. I struggle with that....

Kara Jo said...

Too funny!

I'm not sending Christmas cards this year...and for the most part am not feeling guilty about it. Partly justifying it thinking "well, I'll probably send baby announcements to a lot of those people."

LadyD said...

I'm not sending them either. I am just too overwhelmed. I am not even going to try and make excuses.
This Mama is just too busy trying to keep her family alive. I agree with Kj~