Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book Review

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
Synopsis: Star-cros'd lovers. Poor Edward is a reluctant vampire. Bella is even more in love with her eternally damned boyfriend, and her relationship with long-time family friend, Jacob Black develops. I don't dare say anything else...
Readability: This book was really difficult and challenging. Just kidding.
Predictability: This one was a little more unexpected for me. I really wasn't sure how this one would turn out. That's always a pleasure.
Couldn't Put it Down Factor: Another 600 pages in under 12 hours. I'm sorry Shirley.
Recommend it?: Obviously. But not before you read Twilight.
Four out of Five stars. I liked this one better, but I am star-cros'd myself. I just don't know who to cheer for anymore. Sigh... I have to go. I have more reading to do.


Melissa said...

Oh boy, you've got Edward fever bad!

Julianne said...

tee hee...its a disease! I'm sorry if I influenced you reading this series at all. Ok not that sorry.

Jolene said...

hmm - these sound like they could be wonderful "mindless" vacation books?? i may have to invest - thanks for the rave reviews!