Sunday, May 31, 2009

Book Review

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
Synopsis: Um...Endless love, broken hearts, clueless parents and a mediocre heroine. Not to mention more pools of golden, shimmering topaz in his ever-loving eyes. Bleck.
Readability: Easy. I'm glad it's over.
Predictability: Ok. I had PARTS figured out, but scene after scene, I could NOT believe where the author was taking me. This one just got weirder and weirder for me. I would have predicted the end, but I would NOT have expected the roller coaster to get there.
Couldn't Put it Down Factor: 700 pages this time. I read fast just to get it over with. One-third of the way through Breaking Dawn, I hit my limit. I kept reading just to find out what was going to happen.
Recommend it?: If you're going to read the first three, you pretty much have to read this one. Just don't be mad at me when you feel like you wasted a week and almost 3000 pages of your life.
Three out of Five stars. For the first half of the book. I'm still impressed with the author. Her imagination farrrrr exceeds my own. I never would have been able to come up with this kind of story line.
Can I just go on record as saying that Bella, the heroine, is a dullard? I felt like I was leading Bella around by the nose through all four books. Let me know if you feel the same way.
All in all, I enjoyed myself and haven't been this enthused to spend my time reading in quite a while, but I think I jumped in head first with the Twilight series, and let myself expect too much.
Just like most of my college boyfriends. (Excepting Richard, obviously.)
p.s. I write this knowing full well that MANY readers will disagree with my review. So sue me.
***Spoiler alert! There are spoilers in the comments section of this post. Sorry if it's too late for you already.***


Heather Vinson said...

okay, so I completely realize I will sound like a 14 yr old here, but I'm okay with it.

1. I hate Bella. She's whiny and boring. And she's supposed to be average, but every boy in school is in love with her? riiight.

2. I'm totally on Team Jacob. But not for Bella, for me. Bella and Edward can go live their creepy codependent lives with their stupidly named daughter.

3. I find these books hard to talk about because I have definite opinions about all of it, I DID read all four books, but I don't want to come off as some psycho who reads teen lit and then has wild debates about it with anyone and everyone. It's a fine line.

erin said...

1. Me, too. Also, I want her hair.
2. Team Jacob! Go!
3. Amen. BUT, I love teen lit. LOVE it. Nancy Drew? She's the best! Embrace it, Heather.
I love you.

Melissa said...

So here's what happened to me...

I had 45 minutes left in the 4th audio book of the Twilight series when the recording started skipping and went silent. There were only blips of audio throughout the last bit.

My friend loaned me Breaking Dawn and I've had it a week and still haven't finished the series. I guess that pretty much sums up how curious I am about the ending!

But for me, I'm all about Edward :) I thought Jacob was totally masochistic for hanging around even when he had no chance with Bella. And the whole imprinting thing was ridiculous. Don't hate me!

Anonymous said...

Edward and Bella have a daughter??!!! Another night spent nearly up all night reading again!! I'm embarassed, but I am totally addicted to the series, so far. We'll see what happens when I start the next book....

erin said...

Sorry, Anon. Spoiler alert.

Anonymous said...

That's okay. I always read ahead to find out what will happen!! I was happy to find out because my sister wouldn't tell me:)


Jessica said...


I just finished Breaking Dawn last night and I feel the same way, Erin. I wrote to Erica that finishing up the book felt like when Christmas was over...there's all this build up and when it's done it's a little depressing. Anyway, of course I can't wait for the movies to come out but yes, I agree, I have been very disappointed in Bella as a heroine throughout the entire series. In fact, it infuriates me that little 10 year olds everywhere may consider her as a role model. Plus I'm a little disappointed that everything turned out perfect in the end...minus the death of Irina but who cares about her? Anyway, even though I'm complaining, I haven't enjoyed a series of books as much as this in a long time, so I'll stop ragging on them. :) Happy Friday!

Jessica LeBoeuf