Monday, May 04, 2009


This weekend, Mom and I were running around and I had to stop at McDonald's to return a movie to the Redbox.
We decided to get a treat while we were there. We settled on our order before I ran in.
Erin: I'm going to get a coffee thingy with whipped cream.
Mom: I want a small iced tea and a small ice cream cone.
Erin: Ok, be right back.
Mom: Can you carry all of that?
Erin: Mom, I'm a mom now. I can do anything.

Well, you can guess what happened to her cone.


kristi said...

LOL! I laugh at my daughter because she is so darn clumsy. She can't go a day without tripping, falling, biting her tongue, or something!

angie said...

ha! that'll teach ya. :)
i have to say, though, this somewhat dampens my excitement at being able to do anything once the baby is born. dangs.

Kara Jo said...

Hehe. BTW, I love Redbox, and I love $1 McDonald's cones.

kristi noser said...

Pride goeth before a splat.