Friday, June 20, 2008

Milwaukee, here we come!!

We took our first family trip this week to the great city of MILWAUKEE. Wahoo.
Richard's company was hosting an employee appreciation event at Miller Park (which cost us nearly $100. "Let us show you we appreciate you...but it'll cost ya!"). Regardless of the cost or nutso co-workers, we had a really great time on our first-ever family getaway.
Warning: MANY photos to follow. : )

New theory: the bodily fluids that show up on a hotel bedspread in a black light MIGHT be spit-up.

Gracie Jo teaching Shirley Jean to suck her thumb.

Pondering baseball.

The belle of the ballgame.


Mommy-time. (Notice the guy in the background.)

My mother is wearing a Brewers hat!!

If Richard looks thrilled to be sitting in a giant baseball glove, it's because he is.

This is what I saw ALL WEEKEND. It's impossible to get anywhere easily in Milwaukee.

Telling secrets over Mexican food.

Hands down, the highlight of our weekend was taking the baby swimming for the first time. Check out my baby blog for video!


carrie said...

looks like you had a lot of fun. Shirley looks like she liked swimming too.

carrie said...

I thought you were a Twins fan thru ad thru - what's with the brewers hat

erin said...

Carrie...when in Rome...

Jon said...

You guys went to mi cosina without me...I'm jealous.

Jodi said...

I def. need copies of those baby pics!
When in Rome, Ha! I won't tell them you were CHEERING for the Brewers. Wait. I just did. HA!

kathaleend said...

Was the guy in the backround of your pic from Richard's work? If Richard liked sitting in the big baseball glove I can tell you where a giant Leinie's Lounger is...

angie said...

what a fun trip! $100 or not. :)