Sunday, June 01, 2008

A 'Ton of Fun

During our Tornado / Guitar Hero / Richard and His Co-Workers Hate Their Lives Party tonight, it was decided that we needed to make cream cheese wontons, or 'tons as they shall henceforth be called. (Pronounced "tahn.")
McClain and Mike made up a simple recipe for Crab Rangoon (along with lots of interesting shapes for our 'tons), and from there we went through the cupboards looking for other goodies to put in our 'tons.
Here's what we came up with:
-Tuna-ton (a group favorite)
-Crouton-ton (my personal favorite)
We fought over the 'tons as the came out of the fryer, and stood outside barefoot on the deck burning the insides of our mouths on our 'tons.
Sadly, we didn't get to actually try any of our new flavors due to the inclement weather. We spent the next hour inside watching the news and arguing about whether or not to move the party to tbe basement. Guitar Hero (upstairs) won out.
I realize this might be the kind of story that is only funny if you were there, but...I don't care. We laughed and laughed.


Kara Jo said...

Darn. I wanted to know how Dogtreat-ton turned out. :)

mcc monk said...

the wonton death march. glorious in it's brutality.

Kristin said...

Was there a correlation between the amount of beverage consumed and the hillarity?

erin said...

Not for me.

kathaleend said...

Let my baby go to the city to hang out and worry that he might party too much. No he hangs out with his married sister and cooks. I got great kids. It makes this mom happy to know how much they love each other. lovemom

swirlingeddy said...

I was going to say peanut butter. Yum!

Katie R. said...

Sign me up for the sweet potato-ton. Also, I'm so impressed that a new mommy, such as yourself, has all those ingredients at her disposal. Nice!

angie said...

brilliant. absolutely brilliant.