Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Walk to Remember

We just tried to go for a walk, because I suspect that Little Miss is getting a little stir crazy...or maybe it's just me.
I thought she might need a little more action--some fresh air--something new to look at. Alas.
After the sixty minutes it took me to dress myself and the baby, change the baby after the poop-splosion, find the dog's leash, and locate my sunglasses, SOMEBODY screamed all the way down the driveway and halfway up the hill, and then SOMEBODY didn't want to go home already and got out of his collar and tried to make a break for it and all the while SOMEBODY ELSE was sweating profusely and cursing the brilliant idea of going for a walk.
I came inside holding a screaming someone, and told Richard what happened. I said, "We've been gone a half hour and only made it about 100 yards."
Richard said, "Half hour? You've been gone ten minutes."


Katie R. said...

And folks think teenagers are hard?!? Yeah right.

carrie said...

next time, one or the other, not both

Kara Jo said...

"A" for effort, that's for sure.

kathaleend said...

I agree. Next time wave to Pedro in the yard as you walk away. He will be so happy to see you when you get back.

Jolene said...

oh man - thanks for a great chuckle!! i especially love the 10 minute part.