Monday, June 23, 2008


Dear Richard,
When comparing our baby to a hungry piglet, please keep in mind that this hilarious scenario makes me a sow.
I love you forever and always,

p.s. When we are mere minutes away from meeting your co-workers, please keep your opinions about my "just ok" hair to yourself.


kathaleend said...

If the bra fits - wear it! Or else you will be sowry!

You have also heard the cow references with the pump. And you have become a mother hen. Amazing that so many barnyard animals describe mothering!

kristi noser said...

kathaleend ya kill me--or should I say butcher?

Jolene said...

oh geeze! why do guys feel so compelled to do stuff like this? sorry erin.

agreed - sowry - that's hilarious!!

angie said...

oh husbands.