Friday, June 27, 2008

A couple things.

How does it work that I have run out of soap in EVERY room all at once? Currently on my shopping list: dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, hand soap refill, Johnson's soap.

Operation Clean Out the Freezer in '08 has begun.
Today for lunch I ate a personal pan pizza from 1999.
OK, not that old, but close.
For dinner we are having stuffed shells that Lauren made when the baby was born.

SJ and I are about to head to WalMart to buy SOAP in many different forms, and some new shorts for Mommy, since I currently own ONE pair that I bought my sophomore year in college.

We have taken to taking morning naps. SJ and I lay down every morning around 11 and sleep until 1. I don't know why I am ashamed of this, but I am. I'm hoping that by admitting it publically, I won't feel bad about it anymore.

What's the deal with baby capri pants? What a joke!

I think that's everything I wanted to say for today.

Oh, how about an haiku for old time's sake?

Staying at home and
caring for my hus and girl;
all my dreams are true.


Katie R. said...

I believe the soap people of the world have some sort of equation figured out that no matter when you purchase said soap and no matter how often and which location it is used, it all is gone at the same time.

Also, baby capris, I know! Honestly when your legs are that short there is no length variation. You either wear pants or you have on a onesie only. Shorts are sometimes an option but even those hit at their knees. At which point there's only another inch and your at the toes.

Apparently I have issues with the length of baby's pants, I never even knew it...major insight you've just given me.

Cara said...

I wish my soap DID run out at the same time..... One runs out, so I go buy more. The next day, something else runs out, and on and on. I couldn't possible buy stuff and store it, now could I? NO, I have no room to store it! Woe is me. Have fun buying a trillion kinds of soap! Oh, and eating freezer-burned food. Miss you!

erin said...

Katie, you're SO funny! And Cara, you can store your soap in my basement. I can't guarantee that I won't use it, though...

LauraLynn said...

And why do they call that Johnson's stuff "No More Tears"??!! It kills! I tried it on myself during my shower to see why it made Shelby scream so bad- Just try putting it in your eyes sometime. What a hoax. It's right up there with the Baby capri's.....

Kelli said...

No shame in napping, Sweets. I did the nap thing when my kids were little, too. It was kind of a nice break in the day.

Still is.

Kara Jo said...

I'm with Kelli on the napping. Don't feel a bit guilty about it. In fact, good for you, Chica. I say get those naps in whenever you can.

Doh! I almost gave you baby capris as a gift. Good thing I didn't. :)

Hope you find some good shorts for yourself!

Carla said...

Nap away guilt free!! Good for you!!

Baby leggings are too cute for words!! Capris are just weird.