Monday, January 05, 2009

The firstest week of the newest year.

Our week in photos:
Ringing in the new year at the "Dancing Table."
Happy New Year! We know how to party.
(For real, we had so much fun we woke up THREE babies.)
Shouldn't you be sleeping, my little FeatherHead?
Mama, give somebody ELSE a turn!
SnuffleSnacks before wing night.
Moving Cousin Nick into his new home in Minneapolis. He's the newest and bestest student in the culinary program at the Minneapolis Art Institute. We are SO happy he is here!
How we feel now:

Jodi, Carrie or Sarah, did any of you happen to get more pics from NYE?


kristi noser said...

Hold on a second, is Richard wearing your jeans in that last picture?

Anonymous said...

We did not get any pics and I'm so bummed!

Thanks for having us over! We had so much fun!!

(I totally have my guitar hero zoned face on:)


kristi noser said...

Oh and I love the monkey jammies.

Jodi said...

Only a couple! I'll send 'em your way. Ironically, none have my own child in them!

carrie said...

I have a few but forgot my camera at "Spa Day". Great pictures of that too.