Friday, January 09, 2009


What's the worst job of a SAHM's day?
Scratch that--
What's the most endless, painful, laborious task of your entire life?
That's right, Laundry. (With a capital L.)

I propose National Naked Day.
Think of it--one full 24 hour period where no dirty laundry is created.
Just the thought makes my mouth water.

Let me know if you're in.


angie said...

BAH HA! i used this same photo in a blog of mine eons ago! too funny. one of my faves. and of course i'm in for naked day. laundry's lame; laundry shoot or not.

erin said...

I KNEW I had seen this pic somewhere before! LOL.
Thank goodness for Google image searches.

LadyD said...

I'm in. But can the kids leave for the day?

kathaleend said...

When your kids grow up and leave home you can have naked day in the house every day. Providing you have good window coverings or dirty windows. Then they move home again and you have to cover up. Argh.

Carla said...

I like doing laundry. I like Naked Day though too.

Jolene said...


and if not that - let's just have our kids wear the same thing for like a week or so. i could deal with that too. (except maybe undies...)

Jodi said...

Just imagine some of the people you'd have to see naked...EW.

How funny is it that the word verification is beare?