Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Title Needed: This one speaks for itself.

An old friend of mine from Alabama posted this on her blog last week:
The Luck of the (apparently) Irish
At our faculty meeting, we got yelled at for a new thing. Mushed in between all of the old things, we got yelled at because our children misspell words. Also, apparently, some teacher misspelled something. All 43 of us should be ashamed because of this one person's mistake. After we were verbally beat down about grammar from the Queen of Grammar Mistakes ("let me reiterate that again" is her favorite phrase), she passed out the "O'bama Inauguration Packet."

O'BAMA? Like, O'Hurley or O'Donnell? This guy. Wow, he is like the United Nations all crammed into one person.

I know, right???
She's freaking hilarious. Check her out.

Now watch this:


Charlie said...

It's true. Obama became the most famouse irish person in america. Surpassing even the great Shaquile Oneil.

Katie R. said...

That's funny stuff.