Friday, January 09, 2009

Oh, the places you'll go.

Erin: Hey, let's snuggle up and watch a movie.
Rich: OK, but I smell like pickles, beer and doritos. [BELLLLLLLLCH--blow in my face.]
Erin: Gross! You're disgusting! I bet you wouldn't have done that four years ago.
Rich: [Satisfied grin.] Nope.

Five years ago (right before we got engaged), I was eating corn chips* on Richard's couch and I accidentally passed gas in front of him. I cried. Really.

*Corn chips, you ask? Yes. Corn chips. Round ones. Not tostitos. The cheap kind from the store on the corner of Cedar & 63 in Baldwin, WI. I was so traumatized by what happened that the memory is burned onto my brain. I will never forget what happened. (Not that Rich would let me if I tried.)


Jessica said...

You are preaching to the choir sister!

Carla said...

You are not alone, my friend. See there was this beach and my old boyfriend threw me over his shoulder and there was this pressure...on my stomach. And I did too. Right in his ear. He put me down and sauntered down the beach. I dug a sand pit and crawled in.

Melissa said...

ha ha! I love a good fart story. In high school I was sitting on my boyfriend's lap and I had been working on getting in shape so I said, "hey, feel my abs!" and I flexed my abs and farted ON HIM. I wanted to die. My brother, who knows the story, will now and again say to me "hey, feel my abs" instead of "pull my finger"

Carla said...

Thank you Melissa. That was awesome!

Jolene said...

oh man - thanks for the chuckle.
dh and i have been together for over 10 years - i would be mortified in any of these scenarios. at times like this, must be nice to be a guy :)