Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Scream

I needed some alone time tonight. Just five minutes. Maybe ten.
I settled the baby in her bouncy seat and stationed her next to her very hard-working daddy, who is working lots of overtime due to the storms last week.
Pedro and I trotted down to the car and headed to Dairy Queen.
I spent a large portion of this evening making up my own new Blizzard flavor. Turtle with brownies. I was so excited!
The girl in the window managed to stop flirting with her co-worker just long enough to ask me if I wanted a lid. (I think it's important to mention that I did NOT lay on the horn to get her attention. Don't get between me and my alone-time-ice-cream, teeny bopper.)
I said no.
I put the long-awaited-four-and-a-half-dollar Blizzard in the cup holder and put the car in drive. When my right hand was free again, I reached for my treat and got dog-head instead. Pedro liked my made-up flavor, too.
Good thing I ordered a medium.
Half of my Blizzard is splattered on Lexington Avenue, and the canine, the dog, the miserable cur is currently hiding under the bed with a sore bottom and a heavy heart.


Naomi said...

Mmmmm. Blizzard. I could go for one of those. Did you like your new flavor?

Anonymous said...

You have always had issues with sharing. Especially dairy products. Lighten up. Pedro was looking forward to it all day too.

Kristin said...

Duh, get the lid! Be sure to send a note to future Erin about that.

Katie R. said...

Pedro, Pedro, Pedro.....ya gotta learn. Blizzard swiping is just NOT acceptable.

angie said...

dude, not okay, pedro. so sorry.

kristi noser said...

Oh come on, scrape the doggie lick layer off and enjoy!

Swampy-Rah said...

That's awful. awful funny that is. Did it taste as good off of pedro's whiskers?

Jolene said...

what kristin said :)

or walk next time - pedro can't reach it from the sidewalk.

Kara Jo said...