Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Tonight, Rich and I decided to walk the baby and dog to Dairy Queen for a little outing and a treat. We live about one tenth of a mile from Lexington Avenue, which as you probably know, is a very busy street.
The four of us set out toward Lexington (on which lies DQ), and realized that we were not alone. Trotting about ten paces behind us, came Kitty with his collar bell jingling and talking to himself...or us, I'm not sure.
Jingle, mrow, jingle, mrow, jingle, mrow.
We thought for sure that when we reached Lexington, Kitty would turn around and go home. We even crossed the street.
Instead, he sat on the corner, waiting for a pause in traffic.
Richard said, "Let's go home. If he gets hit by a car, you're going to freak out."
"That's true," I said.
So, we paraded back home.
It was a nice walk anyway.


Jodi said...

He must have felt left out-you need to get a kitty leash!

angie said...

hah! i love the image. what a good little kitty. :) and a smart husband.

Carla said...


Katie R. said...

Could you not just pop Kitty in the stroller with Miss Shirley? This is obviously what Kitty was suggesting the whole time.

And....what Carla said!