Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's a Dog's World

Shirley Girly and I have been going for walks through the neighborhood. We usually go during the work day, so I don't see many of the neighbors, except for the retirees (Paul, Gertrude, Barbara) and the one other SAHM on the street (Kim).
From now on we will be walking during the daytime hours ONLY.
I was completely humiliated tonight when everyone we passed said, "Hello Erin and Pedro! Who's this new little girl?" And I was only able to respond with things like, "Hi! You're Lulu's mom, right?" Or, "How's Ollie doing?" Or, "Rocky is getting so big!"
It's NOT. COOL. that I only know the names of the neighborhood dogs.


-V- said...

Take that uncomfortable stroll just a couple more times and I bet that would change, right? (If changing that sounded like fun). ... We don't know our neighbors either; just Dallas, Chloe and Aries, really... Never around and have 3 acres between houses... Sweet how babies seem to bring people together 'out of the woodwork' though.

Katie R. said...

I bet you made the dogs' day.

angie said...

ha! oh man, that is wonderful. :)

Jolene said...

ha ha!!! that is funny. you're all ready for school now. you will know the other parents by who their kids are and you can forever be known as "Erin, Shirley's mom."

LauraLynn said...

Hi Erin-
I answered your question a couple posts down from here/ about the cleaning Co-op.