Monday, May 19, 2008

Pimp My Ride

Lauren got a new car last week.
Richard helped her find a good one (because he's a good guy like that), and then did the work on it that needed to make it an even nicer car. He fixed the front bumper and fenders and painted it for her.
Mom and I pimped her ride.
We bought a shoe rack and organizers for the backseat. If you know Lauren at all, you know that this is perfect for her.

Richard did such a great job on the car, but he was very worried that it wouldn't turn out nice enough. It turned out just beautifully (of course). When Lauren came to pick it up, she was thrilled.
Rich sent her on her way and came upstairs. "All she noticed was the shoe rack," he said.

Oh, the differences between boys and girls.


Mandi said...

That IS a pretty sweet little car. I wish I could have seen it after the paint job and stuff.

So, next week when my car is in your driveway for a day or 2, if I turn my back are you and your mom gonna pimp MY car? :) If that's the case, I'll babysit.

Cara said...

Hilarious! And so Lauren. I like it!

kristi noser said...

Richard, when you paint my car I PROMISE I won't notice the shoe rack.

angie said...

priceless. just priceless.

Jolene said...

HA HA!!! That's awesome :)