Sunday, September 07, 2008


1. False. I love Ellen Degeneres. I think she's REALLY funny.
2. True. I do, frequently, wear my pajamas inside out. Tags and seams bother me. Why be uncomfortable?
3. True. I dislike reading poetry. Save for Jenna's and Shakespeare.
4. True. I do enjoy hip hop. I fear, though, that I'm getting too old for it...
5. False. I hate the stupid drummer boy. I want to vote him off the Christmas island.

I just want to say that my pop quiz ALMOST led to the world's most boring comments ever. Thanks to those of you who tried to jazz things up.

Also, Kelli, please go back and re-read the directions. If you chose to re-do, I am willing to give you 70% credit.


LauraLynn said...

Kelli had something else on her mind.....Something about a book:)

Kelli said...

Wait! What about an extra credit project? I can make a mean papier mache globe...