Monday, September 08, 2008

Gavin's Baptism

Our nephew, Gavin Jeffrey was baptized on Saturday evening. I was especially touched by the ceremony, because I pray earnestly every day that little Gavin will know Jesus. Here are some photos from the evening.
Grandma-time before the service. Cute, right?

Our first EVER decent family photo!
Sweet Gavin.
His Christening gown is 67 years old. His mother (Stacy) and other relatives were also baptized in it, and each of their names are embroidered along its hem.

Three generations. : ) Here's to many, many more.

"The boys."


Jolene said...

Congrats Gavin!
Love the gown story. So cool how they are handed down like that and become such a special heriloom.

Cara said...

Very precious. God is so good.....