Friday, September 26, 2008

Ross Perot

I prefer not to talk politics on the internet, but I just can't let this go by.

A friend told me tonight that Ross Perot is lobbying to be on the presidential ballot as an independent party.
Is this true?
Someone, please educate me.
Who would be his running mate? Ron Paul?
Does this guy have an abyss of money?
Can he bail out our economy?

Upon further thought:
Does he also secretly possess a fountain of youth somewhere in his great big house?


Carla said...

Haven't heard a peep about Perot but couldn't all the Hollywood types kick in a mill and bail us out??!!

Carla said...

Whenever I see Perot I just think of Dana Carvey.

Jolene said...

He's what??? I guess I'm in the dark, too.

angie said...

i had this same thought when i saw that ralph nader is on the ballot again.

Anonymous said...

Oops, maybe it was Ralph Nader that I was thinking about.