Friday, September 26, 2008

Once Bitten...

Dear Gertrude's Caretaker,
I wasn't harrassing your stupid dog. I was protecting Gertrude from your stupid dog. Remember Gertrude? Who I was visiting because I care about her and her bruised pelvis? (Where WERE you, by the way?)
I had no choice but to bodily grab the dog off of Gertrude who was crying out in pain. Because of this, she bit me so many times that I am bleeding in four places. Still.
A word of advice: when you come home and I tell you what happened, do not--repeat: DO NOT act as if it is my fault that your stupid DILL PICKLE DOG BIT. ME.
I'm really mad at you.


kristi noser said...

Make sure the little terror has his shots.

Jolene said...

unbelievable!!! thanks for rescuing Gertrude. I'm sorry about your owies :(

LauraLynn said...

In our part of town, that would be a dead dog. Where is my shotgun?!

Rebecca M. said...

Good for you Erin! Sorry to hear about the bites. You may want to report the bites to the authorities... Imagine if your little girl was there... dogs like this often bite twice! I'm a huge animal advocate, but aggression is unacceptable.