Sunday, September 21, 2008

Facebook Brain

Erin is baking cupcakes.
Erin should go to bed.
Erin didn't realize it was 3am.
Erin thinks people who said rice cereal would help SJ sleep through the night are full of crap.
Erin wants new curtains.
Erin wants new carpet.
Erin wants a clean kitchen floor.
Erin wants to throw away her house and get a new one.
Erin thinks she might start improving her current house one flat surface at a time.
Erin could go for a coke.
Erin is laying awake staring at the ceiling, thinking about what Erin is doing right now.
Erin is wondering how much longer this will last.
Erin is tired of being stuck in third person and blames Facebook.
Erin thinks she might have a problem.


Abigail said...

I feel your Facebook pain.

Carla said...

Carla hopes Erin gets a nap today.

Kris H said...

Hang in there, friend. I'm thinking of you today.
And, yeah, the third person Facebook thing does weird things to my brain. It makes me think of a Seinfeld episode where a guy talked about himself in the third person. Jimmy.

kristi noser said...

Kristi would like to have lunch with Erin on Thursday

angie said...

hehe but it's funny to your readers, at least!

kristi noser said...

wait...Mama Noser would like to have lunch with Erin on Thursday

LauraLynn said...

Laura would love to come clean Erin's house, and redecorate it...Laura is sure a bunch of blogger buddies would love to come help Erin and Laura !

Erin needs to come over to Laura's site and win some chocolate :)