Monday, June 15, 2009

The glories of self-taught "web design..."

A great way to revamp your blog:
Save your existing template to your desktop.
Chicken out of the revamp.
Re-load your saved template only to discover that all your links and widgets are missing.
Decide to go with an all-peacock theme.
Fiddle with the template and dabble with html code for HOURS.
Go to bed at 3am.


angie said...

hey man. peacocks are cool. :) well done.

Jessica said...

I love the new layout! It looks great!

Carla said...


kathaleend said...

Your blog is growing up! I like it. If you are going to have peacock issues, you might as well indulge it!

Jolene said...

the true beauty (other than peacock feathers) of self taught - you won't forget the lesson anytime soon :)

Cara said...

Looks great. Both of them!