Sunday, June 07, 2009

There are starving kids in China!

Food I have thrown out in the last 24 hours:
-one-half of a graham cracker
-two eggs (scrambled)
-two animal crackers
-seven Goldfish crackers
-8+ ounces of milk (white, vitamin D)
-Organic Baby Harvest Greens (3oz)
-4 ounces of juice (V8 Splash)
-at least two handfuls of Cheerios

I guess I never realized how much food a mommy throws away in the course of a day.

p.s. Methinks it's time to start pouring smaller cups of milk!
p.p.s. I don't ALWAYS throw away the uneaten Cheerios...I'm starting to think those things could survive a nuclear holocaust.
p.p.p.s. TWO EGGS! What was I thinking making TWO eggs???


Melissa said...

meh, that's nothin. wait until you have two kids and you're so busy you don't notice half of your food expiring in the back of the fridge.

Kelli said...

Whilst awaiting pizzas to come from the oven, I cleaned out the freezer. My pile of tossed items beats your pile.

kristi noser said...

Send it over, I have a teenage boy, remember?