Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kujo Cat

Yesterday as Jodi came in the house, she said, "Erin? Do you want me to let this cat in?"
Since my cat was on the couch with me, I said, ""
Apparently, this mystery cat wanted a new home. Brian and Jodi described it to me as a brown cat with a half-tail.
I said, "I think that's the cat Kitty fights with from down the street--is he really fat?"
"No, he's REALLY skinny."
A few minutes later, Brian said, "There he is! Look out the window!"
I leaned over the hamper to look out Shirley's window and at that exact moment, a brown cat with blue eyes came FLYING at me. First his paws, then his face hit the (thankfully) closed window in one crazed fluid motion, and then he disappeared completely.
I screamed bloody murder, but to no avail. No one saw Kujo Cat try to attack me. They were all very polite, but I'm not sure they believe me, even know.
I almost died, people.
Kujo Cat spent the rest of the day trying to get in the house, but this morning he was gone.
Do you think I should contact Stephen King? Maybe let him know that Kujo is actually a cat, not a dog?


Jolene said...

ahhhhh! What!?!?!? Freakzoid kitty on the loose!

angie said...

HAHA i believe you! because, i mean, check it out. you have photographic evidence, after all.