Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rules of Engagement: Marriage and the Cold Virus

If one spouse is sick:
-No one sleeps.
-There will not be enough Nyquil to go around.
-There is no such thing as germs. (You share everythingeverythingeverything anyway. Why bother avoiding germs anymore?)

If (when) both spouses are sick:
-No one sleeps.
-Nyquil is not an option because the baby needs a parent who is not hungover in the morning.
-All meals (mostly for the child's benefit) will be made in the microwave.

If both spouses and the baby are sick:
-No one sleeps.
-Mommy is no longer sick even though she's still sick.
-All meals (for the whole family) are yogurt or ice cream. Or Goldfish Crackers.


Travel Bug said...

hmmm.. maybe I'm always sick. All I eat is yogurt and ice cream.

Jolene said...

I'm very sorry you're all feeling miserable - but man does your humor still come shining through. Thanks for the chuckle.

erin said...

Thanks, Jo. I'm not sick (yet). I'm just projecting what my future holds...

Jolene said...

Erin - you're pretty much a projection genius then. I'm glad you know what's in store. It sure beats being surprised and disappointed. ;)

Melissa said...

So true!

Cara said...

LOL! Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Katie R. said...

Erin I have not been sick since the year 2000! Even when I was sick. lol