Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Today on the way home from VBS I realized that it's only three hours long.
Until this morning, I sincerely thought it was more like 6 hours long.

Please don't get me wrong--I'm having a great time. I am in LOVE with my boys (who can either sing or dance, but not both--oh, my heart! They try SO hard.).
They have spent the week trying to pronounce my last name, and today one of them asked me if he could be my Mr. Dayvooshavoosh. I told him I didn't think my husband would appreciate that and he said, "You're married??!!" He then proceeded to hold my hand for the rest of the morning. Does it get any cuter than that? (Carla says I only need to worry if he brings a ring tomorrow. Haha!)
Finally, I said, "I should have just told you all that my name was Mrs. SMITH!" That got a laugh. : )
Oh, I'm happy. And tired. And happy.


LauraLynn said...

Yes, Wasted & Happy:)
My days go like this-
Change Poop.
Save a Child.
Pick up toys.
Change Poop.
Save a Child.
Realize I have to pee.
Pick up toys.
Save a Child.
Change Poop.
Go Home.

erin said...

You have time to pee?

LauraLynn said...

I said REALIZE I have to pee.

Bladder Control Exercises~

Carla said...

I was thinking that my 5 little boys were being beligerent cause they weren't doing the singing/dancing thing. Just today I realized that it is beyond them physically at this point. Too cute.

angie said...

so sweet. :) i love it! p.s. how was happy hour in the loo?

Kara Jo said...

Dayvooshavoosh. LOL!

Jolene said...


want to blog some of the fun activities you do? maybe you could inspire some bored SAHMs ? :)