Saturday, August 02, 2008

Book Review

Q is for Quarry by Sue Grafton
Synopsis: Kinsey Millhone, private detective, is hired by two retired police officers who want to solve a case that has been in their craw for almost twenty years. They need Kinsey to do the legwork to help figure out who murdered a young girl in 1969 and dumped her body in a quarry owned, interestingly enough, by Kinsey's estranged family. Based on a true story (creeeeepy) and placed by Grafton in 1987.
Readability: Kinsey is one of my oldest literary friends, so it was almost soothing to read and hear her voice and dry humor again. Finding out information about her family, too, was such a breath of fresh air! Like learning something new about a best friend.
Predictability: I had the wrong guy! I was pleased that I didn't know whodunnit. Grafton did not let me down.
Couldn't Put it Down Factor: Four out of Five. Five out of Five for the last 100 pages. Stayed up til 2am to finish. : )
Recommend it?: Absolutely. I would recommend anything by Grafton. Watch out for some f-words, and pretty grizzly details about Jane Doe, however.
Overall Rating: Five stars. I just love this series.


Swampy-Rah said...

Hey everybody! Erin liked a book!

kristi noser said...

Sue and Kinsey have been my friends for years. I love them!!!