Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Magic Beans

I discovered something today at a popular department store:
I don't need a new bathing suit to make me look like I just had a baby.
I can do that in a bathing suit I bought last summer.
Aaaaany old suit will do.


Kara Jo said...

You're lookin' great my Dear.

Hey that suit in the picture looks cute.

erin said...

It ought to--it's a 3T!! : )

Naomi said...

Sophie has that suit! (I told you she has a lot of them!)

Katie R. said...

Ha - 3T

LauraLynn said...

Aren't those high waist fashions so tricky! You just don't want to ask people if they are pregnant when they are wearing a shirt or swimsuit like that.....arg.

Kj's right, You do look great:)

Oh' ya...And nice to finally meet you!

Kara Jo said...

I guess I'm into toddler fashion, then.
Wait, I'm bought a 3T Girl's swimsuit last summer...but you didn't know what you were having? Did you hit a good sale and hope for the best?

Jolene said...

i <3 empire waist suits with skirts. they're so much more figure-friendly than anything else i've tried. but i really can't imagine you "needing" one - i bet you look great and that you're being your own worst critic right now. just a guess :)