Thursday, August 21, 2008

Honorary Grandma

Dear Grandma Julie,
Something about you just makes me love you.
Seeing you tonight was JUST what I needed. As it turns out, motherhood can be a lonely place. I was hoping to be a blessing to you tonight by surprising you for your birthday; instead you were a huge blessing to me with your excitement and love for my little one.
Blessings come in a practical form, too--thank you for the trip to Sam's. I nearly cried when I saw the prices on diapers.
You are now officially an honorary grandma. (But not because of the trip to Sam's. Because you are YOU!)
All my love,
Erin (and Shirley Jean)
p.s. Happy Birthday!
p.p.s. I know you're out there--you don't have to comment. :)
p.p.p.s. I can't BELIEVE you thought my ten-year-old self was a "retarded girl from church."


Kelli said...

Life would be an empty place without Honorary Grandparents.

LauraLynn said...

Jen once showed me at her house a website for cheaper diapers...and they are delivered right to your house...Ask her about it :)
I can't remember what it was called....imagine that.

Emily said...

You need a Sam's Club or Costco membership a.s.a.p. You'll save that $50 membership fee in the first day. I can't believe you've been raising a kid without one!