Thursday, January 24, 2008


I just had a text message exchange with Lauren.

It went like this:
Erin: How are you?
Lauren: Good. How are you?
E: Bored out of my effing mind.
L: You should talk to J. She spends every day pretending to work.
E: Every single day, Lauren.
L: It's cool. I organized panties today.

Point taken.


angie said...

ha! i think i just found my new calling. so long, cruel, cruel world of editing!

Kristin said...

I just noticed how high your ontime percentage has gotten to be. Good job Erin. Leave 'em wanting more when you're gone.

Arranging panties, someone has to do it. At least they don't ask for ibuprofen.

Jolene said...

that sounds too much like laundry to me! no thanks :)

Leslie Willard said...

hahahha... poor Lauren, I know her pain. Man I miss you girls!