Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello Moto-Miracle

All day yesterday, I couldn't send any messages or make any phone calls from my cell phone.
By 5pm as I was walking into the unbelievably crowded T-Mobile store, I was fed. up.
I told the girl, "I am fed. up. with my phone! It won't work!" I described to her the trouble I was having and as I unzipped my coat (to prove it) said, "I am eight months pregnant! I have to have a phone that works!"
"Oh, man," she said. "That's not good. Can you even call your voicemail?"
"No," I said."
"Oh, that's very bad."
Great, I thought. I'm gonna have to buy a new phone. What a pain. I'm going to be here for hours.
Then she took my phone apart, took out the SIM card, put it in a little gadget, and gave me a new card.
I have no idea what she did, but my phone works great.
I was out of there FOR FREE in under 15 minutes.
It's a Moto-Miracle.


Katie R. said...

I love when old fashioned customer service periodically returns. Keep your coat in the car, keep gronola bars in your purse and for heaven's sake keep that phone working!

Jolene said...

Are you kidding me! Nice! I don't think I've ever spent less than 15 minutes WAITING to talk to someone in that kind of store.

Nice. Very nice.

And I'm glad you have the peace of mind of a working phone again.

Lis said...

awesome Erin! I love it!

-V- said...

Yay! More evidence for 'a new what-if'! ;-)

kristi noser said...

I wanna know what else you can get for free when you are due-in-50-days pregnant. Think of it as a challenge. Or a research paper-- there that's it.

Kristin said...

Your sim card was recalled by the great overlords of the cell phones. Now they know everything you've eaten for the last 7 months. Suppose they know about the event in the bathroom last week? Scary

Carla Stream said...

Good. Very good.

The Latte' Guy said...

i don't think i've ever been in and out of a mobile store in 15 minutes...the pregnant card really the way, i also prefer the flavor of dark roasts-so i usually ask for a depth charge (add espresso) to get the higher caffeine...also, you'd be surprised at how many people order just an espresso....