Friday, January 25, 2008

That ONE Thing

Do you ever have something on your shopping list that you forget repeatedly?
I hit Walmart, Walgreens or Target at least twice a week. Usually more.
There is no excuse for the fact that we are completely out of toothpaste.
We have squeezed every bit out of our full-sized tubes. and two travel sized tubes.
Yet somehow it just doesn't occur to me to pick some up at the store one of the zillions of times I am running in for milk, or yarn, or something else not nearly as important as dental hygiene.
Will somebody please remind me to get some toothpaste this weekend? I have a lot of shopping to do, but you know I'm going to forget.


-V- said...

I do the same thing - but with deodorant. Thankfully Ed and I don't usually run out at the same time - I can just use his... Shhhhh though. ;-)

Jolene said...

ooh... pregnancy brain! sorry, sweetie. that's a tough one to beat. may i suggest lists - made in triplicats - pasted where you'll see them sixteen times a day?

your memory comes back some time after baby is born. eventually. :)

kristi noser said...

Excellent, now I know what to buy you for the shower. Whew.

kristi noser said...

Oh, and by the way, that toothbrush in the picture? Just like mine, uh huh. Without globs of toothpaste I mean.
Oh by the way by the way, y'know when people do put globs of toothpaste on the brush? Hannah calls that the "Neandrathal Squeeze". I thought that was funny.

Swirlingeddy said...

I think Homo habilis also had very good oral hygiene.

Katie R. said...

I always forget to buy Ziplok baggies, batteries and stamps. Drives me nuts and I'm not even pregnant.

LauraLynn said...

Maybe you could use that irritating co-worker for something!? Ask him to go buy you some toothpaste at his next break- I bet you he will do it- Just say you are so tired ~(:o)

erin said...

Good idea!
Kelli took care of me, though. BUT he did just come tell me he has a potty training book for me.

LauraLynn said...

Must be a new concept.
I have never heard of pre-birth potty training.
Although a Mom did tell me that you can potty train your baby at 3 months old.
Yep. Uh huh.
Turn away as eyes roll up in head.

Jamie Lynn said...

I've heard of people who potty train their babies - how cool would that be?! Think of all the nasty diaper messes that could be averted! I goggled "potty trained infants" and this is one of the articles I found,

There are a bunch more, for all who are intersted. Not sure, if this works, but I guess there is only one way to find out. Oh, and you might want to be willing to be referred to as the "weird lady who tried (and hopefully succeeded)to potty train her baby."

kristi said...

That is why I make endless lists!