Monday, January 21, 2008

Dear Future Erin,

Where were you today when I was eating cheese popcorn in my white shirt?
You really let me down on that one.
Present Erin

p.s. We. Are. In. A. Fight.


angie said...

ugh. FRUSTRATING. this is why future selves can never be fully trusted.

kristi noser said...

Cornpop-fucious say, "He who eat orange snack while wear white shirt get what he has coming."

Lis said...

but the cheese is soooooooo good! I would say that's a justified fight to be in.

Kara Jo said...

It's like a law of pregnancy. Practically every pregnant woman I've ever known has lamented over her white shirt that magnetically attracts whatever stainable food she eats. Always. Sorry--I know when you get near the end your wardrobe list becomes irritatingly short!