Sunday, January 06, 2008

Insulation Nation

Remember the ice issues we were having?
Today, Richard and Aaron put 12 more inches of insulation in our attic.
Honestly, it's warmer in here already.
Sarah and I had a great time watching movies and eating Sheri's DELICIOUS brownies while our husbands got more filthy by the minute.

Click on this image to zoom in and check out Richard's face. Even his eyelashes are covered!

**Update a couple of hours later**
The ice dams are falling off the roof in big chunks! Thank you, God for high temperatures and a hard working husband.


angie said...

first off, YAY! i'm so glad the fix seems to be here. secondly, how is your house so dang cute??? it looks pretty adorable, which i already knew about the inside, but seriously--cute.

kristi noser said...

Good thing there aren't any low bridges from the store to your house. Sheesh! Whatta stack!

Kelli said...

I just LOVE how you document everything with pictures. Is that for posterity or the blog?

Yay for home insulation! Gotta love that.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I'm not a guy! (We'll see if I'm still saying that in about a month in the maternity ward.) Those two were so dirty!

Thanks for the fun day yesterday. I have been craving brownies all day long, today:)


erin said...

Angie, thanks!
Kristi, no doubt. 8 bags of insulation toppled onto the roof of the truck when they got home and dented it as it is!
Kelli, Both!

erin said...