Thursday, December 27, 2007

What's Next?

On Saturday morning, before my parents arrived, Richard went out to plow the driveway only to discover that the garage door opener had bit the big one. Kaput. Finit. Nada.
So...he spent the better part of Saturday shopping for a new opener and then installing it with our dads. If you'll remember, Saturday is the day that went from 25 degrees to 4 degrees in less than two hours. They were all in the garage for that.
Anyhow, they finally got it working around 8 that night.
The next morning, we all got up to get ready to go to the farm, and when Richard went to let Pedro out, he discovered that the roof was leaking between the deck door and the storm door. We're talking inches of ice, coupled with icicles that could have been used as weapons.
Not a happy moment for the Desvousges family.
Then, the (only) toilet stopped up completely. Apparently, it had been about 12 hours in the making, but I was completely unaware.
We got the back door open, the toilet in working order and when everybody was nearly ready to leave the house, I went down to change a load of laundry before we left only to find the clothes I had left in the dryer were wet. Again. For the third time in a week.
I thought, "Great. I can't tell Richard. This would be the icing on the cake. This would be the day he leaves for cigarettes and never comes back. And he doesn't even smoke."
And then something amazing happened. I fixed the dryer all by myself.
I pushed START.


angie said...

erin! it was a christmas day miracle!!!

Carla Stream said...

Good girl! So sorry about ALL the mishaps. Sounds like our house.

Katie R. said...

Can I tell ya we discovered our home needs more vents in the roof. How do I know? Anna's carpet is sopping wet do to the ice dams on the roof causing capillary leakage into the house. Amazing what one can learn when they have a house. You are not alone. Glad too that you "fixed" the dryer. Is winter over yet?

KrisHallblade said...

Erin, I'm so sorry about all the things that need fixing. That's how it always seems to happen. And, um, I've fixed our broken dryer in that exact same way.

Cara said...

Sorry you have had a run of bad luck..... Isn't it crazy how one thing leads to another? 2008 should be better, right???

Kelli said...

Erin, you're a mechanical genius. And, um, I too have done the same with the dryer.