Monday, December 31, 2007

I put the Rad in Radio

I was just on the radio!
The gal was asking what games we played over Christmas, so naturally, I had to call in to tout Cineplexity, created by Hudson's own Sean Weitner, JonMichael Rasmus, and John Sams. We loved the game. Mom bought it for us for Christmas and we spent hours playing it. Basically, the idea is that you get two clues, for instance "New York City" and "Romance." The first player to come up with a satisfactory film to fit both clues wins the point.
(McKinney girls, this one is right up your alley.)
Last night, Mandi and I played "speed round," where we laid on the floor and flipped two cards over at a time and shouted out movie titles as fast as we could.
I just thought the Weitners that read my blog would like to know that I've been advertising for Sean's game--even on the radio!
This game is definitely worth picking up because everybody watches movies, and it can be a lot more challenging than I anticipated. We had a blast with it.


angie said...

ooh i LOVE games! i can't wait to give this one a shot. thanks for the suggestion.

JmSR said...

JonMichael is technically one word, but otherwise you're right.

kristi noser said...

Not only are you on the radio, but you also have FAMOUS PEOPLE commenting on your blog!!!

Sean said...
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Sean said...

Hey Erin -- glad you like the game. Of course we made it especially with you in mind. It was the least I could do for an ex-fiancee.

(sorry, typo in the last one)

erin said...

Oh, Sean.
I've never recovered since you thwarted me.
I appreciate the gesture of the game, though it will never fill the void in my heart.

Sean said...

Erin, have you tried cholesterol?