Friday, December 21, 2007


I can feel gravity

I can feel the weight of my own body pressing toward the center of the Earth.

I. am. tired.
I slept better than I have in a long time last night, yet I am more tired than ever today. I am so thankful that it's the end of the week, and I don't have to come back to work until December 27th.
I am sure the way I feel has to do with my pregnancy, but I also think I'm just plain tired.
I'm not trying to be a downer (pun), really. I'm just looking forward to my break.
A co-worker brought me a bottle of wine this morning as a Christmas gift.

Cruel. And unusual.


KrisHallblade said...

Erin, enjoy your break and have a merry Christmas!

Cara said...

Maybe you got too much sleep? There is such a thing, really. Anyways, hang in there, and enjoy your much-needed break. Hopefully we can connect soon! :)

Coffeegirl said...

I think the baby's having a growth spurt.

kristi noser said...

Anyone who gives a pregnant woman wine as a gift should be whapped upside the head with the bottle. But that's just me...