Friday, December 28, 2007

Ice Sculptures

This was the view from our back door this morning at 1am.
I guess it's a good thing that the storm door got stuck / frozen open, otherwise Pedro would be a very sad little dog.
Saturday's project: ice removal in a vain attempt to save our roof.
Please pray for us on this--the weight of the ice and the water backup can not be a good thing, and we aren't eager to replace the roof this summer.
Here's praying for some sun to aid in the removal of these pretty ice sculptures!

Don't you just wanna put your tongue on them?
A little?


Mandi said...

Hey, I'll come help. I'll use my chicken wing to nudge them down!!

And then, we can playsome Cineplexity. I've been thinking non stop of my own scenarios and movies to go with them.

I think I'm addicted.

Carla Stream said...

They are beautiful!!

Jolene said...

I love them!!

(and yes, I do - we have some nice looking icies ourselves - the kidies had a great time with their little tongues when they knocked them down. should i be admitting this??)

Katie R. said...

I'm sorry. I understand the stress and irritation this causes. really. I hope all goes well today and whatever you do - let Richard be the one to climb the ladder. thank you. :) Is winter over, yet?

angie said...

holy yikes!!! be sure to wear protective headgear.

Anonymous said...

My roof does the same thing and just as a suggestion try nylons filled with salt and then toss them on the roof. It takes a strong arm to get them up there but...hey it just an idea.


kristi noser said...

I'll bet Richard wanted to pretend he was Superman in the ice palace.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Ice. What a concept. Everything around here is just wet. Praying for sun and warmth - you know, in exchange for prayers for labor. LOL