Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A New Approach

Dear Same Particular Co-Worker,
I have a new idea.
I'm going to call you by the wrong name from now on to see if you get the idea that we are not friends.
p.s. I'm still fine. Really!


Kristin said...

He sooo won't get it. He'll think it's a game and start calling you other names. Ask Future Erin, she knows.

erin said...

I hadn't thought of that.

LauraLynn said...

He's still bugging you?!
It's time for drastic action.
Swampy better come and thank him for last night, or you better put tacks on the guys chair. Something must be done!
I know, Go to the Maternity store and steal one of those velcro belly's that you put on before you try on larger Maternity clothes. Wrap it up in a pretty box and send it to his wife with a little note telling her he likes round bellies. Maybe this will take care of his fixation.
(Although stealing is wrong.)

erin said...

LL-I think you may be on to something...Very funny.

kristi noser said...


-V- said...

I'm with Kristin - look out for anything that could be misconstrued... Just have Richard come in one day and pick you up to go out to lunch. Introduce them to one another on the way out. Tasteful, yet makes your point. You're married. Period.

Jolene said...

Oh dear. Maybe it's time to print these blogs and hang them in the breakroom. Or would that be too subtle?

Sorry Erin. That's weird. And frustrating when it's so unwanted. Yech.

I really love lauralynn's idea! But V's -- well that one sounds doable. Just tell Richard he's practicing for the future in case you have a daughter ;)

Mandi said...

I had one of these kinda guys at KN when I worked there this past summer....haha. He even tried to talk me into going to the same college as him so we could be friends.

On my last day of work, I packed up my desk as quickly and quietly as I could, as to not alert him. Then, I BOLTED for the door before he could say goodbye.

He even went to the extremes as to take lunch at the exact same time as me every single day, as well as park next to me each day in the parking lot. That's why I started doing lunch with Brandon like once or twice a week. Brandon picked me up in his truck, and crazy stalker guy started to back off!

My point? You have a husband, you have a lunchbreak, and your husband has a nice truck. Use it!

erin said...

LOL--thanks, Noonie!

Kris Hallblade said...

No advice here. But I just need to say that this guy is very weird and innappropriate. Wow.

Carla Stream said...

Creepy. Yeesh.

Naomi said...

Okay, I'm sorry, but this creepy co-worker who won't leave you alone HAS to be desperate to be hitting on a woman who is 8-months-pregnant! Erin, you are a beautiful pregnant woman, but it seems like this (pregnancy) should dissuade him of your possible undying love for him.

erin said...

No shit.