Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dear Past Erin,

You're not going to believe this, but Brett Favre is going to throw infinity interceptions during the playoff game against the Giants, including one in OverTime that will lead to their immediate loss.
Richard will take this very hard.
In fact, when you tell him this loss makes you feel like your cat died, he will tell you that would have been easier to handle.
Don't take it personally. He doesn't mean it.
Future Erin

p.s. He TOTALLY means it.


-V- said...

Hahahahahha! Yup. He does. :-)

Katie R. said...

I am choosing to think of all the positives from this past season. I fully accept that the Giants will be attending the Superbowl. I will remain a die hard Packer fan.

I realize this sounds like a 12 step program introduction, I apologize, I'm still working through the devestation.

Oh and I'm sorry Richard took the results so hard..... sigh.

angie said...

if we had a cat, i know dave would feel the same way. i send my heartfelt sympathies your way.

kristi noser said...

THAT'S where the cat went!

Kelli said...

The closer the game got to the end, the closer Jeffrey moved toward the the end, he was sitting on the floor about 4 feet from the screen! I just love it when that happens. Not that I was thrilled with the outcome.